Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blogging Offers Opportunities for Authentic Learning

Hello Everyone,
It is back to school time and that means time for me to update my blog. This year I am excited to be working with teachers on the importance of authentic assignments. Students need opportunities to experience higer-level thinking, to be encouraged and guided to construct knowledge, and to elaborate their thinking through written communication. Authentic assignments are perfect for this and they also have a way of allowing students to make connections to the world beyond the classroom.

Today I found that Edublogs has a new blog directory. The directory will allow teachers and students to connect much easier with others around the world. I love the idea of students getting responses/feedback to their post from another collaborating classroom.

The directory is easy to use and has categories such as: Elementary, English, History, Mathematics, English as a Second Language, Technology Education, Library, etc.

I have added my own blog to the directory and encourage you to do the same!

Find this blog in the education blogs directory

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